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Welcome to Chuck Bronson's Funny comedian, awesome adventure, growth as a human blog.

I want to call this a journal. I'm on a journey, I write about the journey much as I can without taking away from the journey itself. Most importantly the exploration takes place in many forms. This isn't just travel tips and destination pic's. Although you 'll find that here too. This is about the exploration of self. In doing so I want to be able to provide you with first hand experience with tips and advice that you can use to explore inside yourself as well.

Don't worry, I'll try not to get too serious. If you want to read some poetic waxing writer by candlelight, you wont be satisfied here. I love making people laugh. I want to be the funniest blog on the internet. Ive been a comedian for over ten years but people have been laughing at me all my life. 


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