• Chuck Bronson

10 reasons to get a cast iron pan.

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

Are you still eating on a teflon coated cancer factory from some country with little to no accountability? Well I'm here to inspire you to trash it, and begin your journey down the iron path.

#10 Heat.

If you're a rubbertramp like me or just live in a cold ass environment; Those cast iron pans take a long time to cool down and can help you keep warm. Not much but depending on the situation it will be noticeable and appreciated.

#9 Extreme Versatility.

A cast iron pan should be able to handle anything in the kitchen except maybe one of those long stewed Italian grandma tomato sauces. You can make pizza in one, bake brownies, eggs, steak, fish, veggies, damn near fucking anything will come out great in a cast iron. In addition you can also you one as a weapon, a hammer, they can stop a bullet, they make a good substitute for Indian exercise clubs.

#8 I'm pretty sure teflon is fucking toxic.

Not just kind of toxic, cancer toxic. In July of 2016 DuPont was ordered to pay $5.1 Million to a man for causing his testicular cancer. Most articles and studies you'll find will tell you Polytetrafluoroethylene (the generic name for teflon) is safe to use, and there is no risk. Well tell that to DuPont and this dudes testicles.

#7 Extreme Durability.

These things are heirlooms. If discarded pans found in fields have been restored to cooking quality. You don't have to worry about dropping your pan and damaging the pan, you have to worry about dropping your pan and damaging the floor, or the cat, or your feet.

#6 Cast iron pans have been the preferred cooking pan since the iron age.

Proper fucking warriors at their breakfast of cast iron pans before suiting up and chopping dudes heads off with broad swords.

#5 Excellent excuse to use more butter, oils and fats in your cooking.

Cast iron needs to be lubricated. Fats are the lubricant of the culinary world. Fats make things taste good. Your food will taste better with more fats in there. Yummy fat food, in your pan, for your face.

#4 They're easy to clean even if you screw up.

Burn some shit into the bottom? Pour some oil in there, heat it back up, and that shit will scrape out in a few swipes. If it d

oesn't come out, it becomes "seasoning" which helps your pan be even non more non sticky.

#3 Your Grandma has one, and you're not allowed to touch it.

It's why her food is so good and if you touch it, you're going to fuck it up. Don't fuck up grandma's food. Get you're own pan.

#2 Non Stick.

As soon as your pan is "seasoned" its just as non-stick as any other pan you will ever buy. They can do everything those gimmick infomercial pans claim to dWant to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon. o. They just need a little fat in there to work properly which will also make your food tastier too.

#1 Its what the cowboys used.

I hope I was able to answer the following questions in this article;

Why does my grandma have a flat dumbbell on the stove?

Are cast iron pans worth it?

What is the best thing in the kitchen to use for smashing spiders?

What is the most versatile pan I can buy?

Did cowboys use cast iron pans?

Is cast iron non-stick?

Are cast iron pans durable?

Also here is a video demonstrating everything you need to know about cast iron. From restoring an old rusted cast iron pan, right on down to cooking bacon on it.

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