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Los Angeles Vanlife Vlog series.

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

For any new visitors my name is Chuck Bronson. I am a traveling comedian and freelance writer. I live in a van and I am currently in Los Angeles. Ive have been vlogging my vanlife in L.A. experience. Urban boondocking makes it possible for me to chase my dreams. I live in a home on wheels and bring my dog with me everywhere. Van life in Los Angeles can be difficult. Especially when you are trying to grow your Youtube channel. Thanks for the watch.

Part 1.

Its Junuary in Los Angeles, its 70 degrees and sunny. Just a vlog about buying a new microphone for my gopro in hollywood ca. I bought a little rode shotgun mic, and tested it out at a bulldog stampede. After that I got high, livestreamed and livestreamed on twitch. Then I went to an open mic and saw a set of quadruplets sing a song.

Part 2.

Vanlife in Los Angeles

Part 3.

Vanlife in L.A. 2019 Livin' with what Im givin' in the golden state.

Part 4.

In this episode of van life in Los Angeles. I get some work as a landscaper, film a comedy sketch with some rising Los Angeles comedians, and I made a behind the scenes music video for fun.

part 5. I got Mold in the van, so I cleaned it out and replaced the floor and reorganized the inside.

part 6 Venice beach vlog Hot dogs and leather ladies

fulltime van life vlog 7 Los Angeles

Full time #vanlife 7 Los Angeles

A day in the life of a comedian living in a van in Los Angeles.

Fulltime #vanlife 8 Los Angeles

3 years of full time van life.

Fulltime vanlife 9 Los Angeles

biking around L.A.

fulltime #vanlife 10

Best place for vanlife in Los Angeles. or best urban boondocking in L.A.

Fulltime #vanlife 11

new gear for my 3 year vanniversary


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