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The cheapest gimbal on amazon


So no real way to do this except to just do it and show you guys the footage. I'm gonna take this big box recyclables through the door, down the stairs, around the corner into the dumpster.

Just got this


Couple weeks ago, three, four weeks a month.

A little bit ago, I

found it really easy to use right out of the box. I didn't even read the instructions to be honest.

I never used the gimbal before I bought this thing.

complete novice is a lot of other channels on YouTube of guys know what they're doing. And they compare this gimbal to other gimbals that were more expensive. But I had no frame of reference for that. So it's like, well, this one smoother and this one does this and it well I don't know that shit means anything to me. I have no no experience in the first place. And the whole ham is the cheapest one. So



This is the cheapest one is

about 100 bucks. The one I got came with the selfie stick for free there was ones that didn't come with the selfie stick that were the same price. So I made the one I made the choice for the thing that comes with more stuff for the same price.

When I first started using it, I was like cool, I don't have to pay attention to what I'm doing. I could just wiggle the thing around, run around all over the place and everything will be fine. Not really true.

If you're not careful enough, it'll still give you Genki footage. So you do have to be conscious of what you're doing with it. But when you are conscious of what you're doing with it, and you focus on getting like nice smooth pans man, it looks creamy, creamy, smooth.

As a nice little

insert screw insert for a microphone,

which I use the

road video micro go whatever.

Over I like this thing

like a tripod, you can just plop it down said it

cool little effect. You're like jumping into a room with him

about go about your business.

Like a again, one of the things I don't like about it is when you switch to try to do down

like low angle, all sorts of Jenkins happens. If you do it like this, the motor is going to be in your queue, you gotta find it

around the motors bump into each other.

They don't clearance themselves

I guess I would have to do it. So you'd have to do it like that.

There we go. Now

it's not like a smooth snag footage is upside down you're gonna have to cut um,

other than that, I like it.

So you can't go from this.

it doesn't just want to just flip over for you. It's always it's always gonna

do this business where it doesn't

go there we go.

So it's not exactly a quick transition on that. I don't know how the other

I don't know how the other

gimbals handle that. But that's something I wish this did better. Even though I have absolutely no frame of reference for even for if that's good or not, I just wish it was better than it is.

But other than that hundred bucks easy to use right out of the box. It comes with a three quarter charge on it well at least mine dead

easy little

spot to screw in a microphone or any type of accessory you want to add.

Looking back on it, I wish I would have bought ice steady mobile. So instead of ice steady Pro, I wish I would have got the ice steady mobile that I studied mobile is the same exact thing except it's made to attach to a smartphone and you can get an adapter that adapts it back to being an action camera. So if you get the ice steady mobile, it'll hold your cell phone plus you can get a little adapter that will hold an action camera in there so I think overall that I stay mobile is probably the better by

include links affiliate links on the website and my personal site if you're interested with little what basically what I've said written down if you want to look at that at your leisure.

Thank you guys watch my review I got some other reviews coming up of stuff that I just bought up Amazon.

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Thank you for watching.

Affiliate link to Isteady mobile


link to gopro adapter https://amzn.to/2HTkA3p