• Chuck Bronson

The Nastiest Bitch You Ever Saw.

I don’t know how to start with this one. This will make you uncomfortable, but ride it out till the end.

This is many moons ago, 14ish years. I was about 21 or 22. I had just started a job I really liked and was eager to make connections with everyone I could in that lane. I was working as an audio technician setting up audio systems for major events and t.v. shows. After a show a couple outside contractors invited me to a bar. I was a big drinker in those days but not a bar guy, mostly just house parties with my friends. Eager to make connections with everyone I could I decided to go. These guys were older than me, I think one was in his 30’s and one was in his 40’s. The event we worked was in some shit town on the outskirts of Los Angeles, Glendora or Tustin or something like that. So we went to a nearby bar. A shit bar in a shit town. We sat down and the square, 4 sided bar with seating all around and the bartender in the middle, with pool tables in the back. The contractors and I began power drinking immediately. We put down 3 shots and two beers each within an hour. About 45 minutes into that hour, a bloated bullfrog of a woman, with greasy clumped hair like a hippy on the tail end of camping trip began ribbiting and croaking opposite of us at the square bar. I hadn’t even noticed her and the two losers she was with. At first I wanted to ignore her because…ewww. But the other guys I was with started listening to her so I had to as well.

This greasy pig toad was telling us that her daughter wants to fuck us. Especially me. The nastiest bitch you ever saw, said she was a teenager and she was beautiful. How could someone this ugly create something beautiful I thought. The two losers next to her immediately supported her comment and said the girl is beautiful. Me in my drunken naïveté thought, surely this girl is 19 for this woman to be trying to fix her up with people at the bar. Then the monster said her daughter would fuck us for $60 each. At this point I thought this was some sort of joke that people made at bars. Nobody seemed weirded out by what she was saying. Not even the bartender. Surely this is a joke. The two contractors were eager to go back to this woman’s house, and my dumbass thought we would go over, get stoned and eat or something. I don’t know what people at bars do. The curiosity of the situation, my drunkeness, and my eagerness to make connections had gotten the better of me. Luckily I drove my own truck, after typed the swamp toads address into my iPhone 3 which was brand new at the time, and my first smart phone. A 5 minute drive later I arrived at her house with her and the contractors still getting out of there cars and I used their taillights to back my truck in, thinking If I reverse in now, it will be easier to drive of if I get more fucked up while I’m here (yes i realize the stupidity of that now). We all shuffle into this shitty little house, pay our money and sit on the couch. It was at this point I realized the ol’ “come back to my house and fuck my daughter for $60” joke, was not a joke.

Now my mind is running a mile a minute, trying to figure out how to get out of there, trying to figure out if this real. Maybe the joke isn’t over yet, maybe on the other side of this poor girls bedroom door is something completely different than I think. First the two contractors told me to go in first being the youngest. I was the the youngest but I was physically the largest. So I told them I’ll go last, making a dick joke I told them if they go after me they wont feel anything. They laughed and the shortest man went in the room. At this point my mind is trying to do anything it can to rationalize this disgusting situation. Do I head for the door? Maybe the girl is in fact 19, and adults can make their own decisions. My own sister was turning tricks at 14 and nobody was pimping her out, she just did it. We weren’t broke, we had a nice house. One of the nicer houses on the whole block even. After a while the shortest man came out and the next man went in. At this point I was in utter confusion and entirely lost. I don’t think i spoke or even heard anything, the throbbing of my own heart pounding in my ears drowned everything else out. After some time the second man came out and they told me to go.

I went in hoping to find a fully grown adult woman, who for whatever reason wanted to be in this situation. What I saw sitting on the corner of the bed, with her head down and her shoulders slumped was a girl no older that 13 if that. The girl was so broken. I knew I had to do something to help her. I think I said something extremely dumb like “you don’t want to be doing this do you?” she shook her head no. Then my dumbass tried to comfort her by putting my hand on her shoulder, she cowered like an abused dog. At that moment I became sober, I shouldn’t have been sober for another 5 hours at least. “I’m going to help you.” I said while quickly pulling my hand back and giving her as much space as I could. “Do you want me to help you get out of this?” Her head slowly, and hesitantly went up then down twice in a short nod. Knowing this girl was young, and her mom was probably the only thing she had, she relied her the toad woman, yet the toad woman was pimping her out to bar trash, and knowing she was revolted by and scared of men. I asked “if police men come you wont go with them huh?” her head quickly shook left and right. Her mom had probably poisoned her mind against the police to make sure this poor girl never went to the people that could save her. My mom was a nurse, her two best friends were nurses, my brother was married to a nurse, his sister in law was a nurse, and their friends were nurses. So I asked, “if the police come with a nurse will you go with the nurse? it will be a girl.” Her head went up and down quicker this time. There was hope in that nod. “I’m going to sit here for a few minutes, I’m not going to touch you, but if I leave right now the other people will know I’m up to something.” So we sat in silence for a few minutes while I thought of way to get out of there without alerting anyone. Then it hit me, after only about 5 minutes in there I walked out and shut the door behind me. “Already? did you even do anything?” one of the men said. “I have whiskey dick, I couldn’t get it up, Im gonna go.” They all laughed and made fun while I quickly headed out the door. They didn’t suspect a thing. I got into my truck pulled out my phone and typed in the nearest police station.

I parked went in, there was a desk in the center. There was an older but fit officer, experience of the job was written all over his face, and a younger officer not much older than myself. I looked the older officer in the face and said “I need to tell you some shit that just happened” as I walked toward the desk and ushered him to sit down. Ive met a lot of asshole cops in my day who would have reacted in some type of way if a drunk punk ass kid walked in, in the middle of the night and told them where to put their ass. But this officer knew something was up. He sat down, and he just let me talk and I basically explained everything you just read. I was scared because I was fairly certain I could be arrested for what I just told him. If not for the situation with the girl, then for the drunk driving I had also admitted to. Luckily because of the smartphone I had the address and even the times I was at the bar and the house. The officer jotted them down. When I told him how recently this happened he was ready to go get them along with the younger officer. I started to head toward the when I realized I hadn’t told them the girl doesn’t trust police or any man for that matter.

“WAIT, I told the girl I would send a nurse, a female. Do you have a female officer here?”

“she’s off duty”

“wake her up and tell her whats going on, she’ll understand. Do you have inmate trustees at this station?”


“do they wear scrubs?”


“Put her in the scrubs and have her tell the girl she’s a nurse.”

“Are you sure you’re okay to drive?”

“I sobered the fuck up, I think I’m good”

“are you sure? you can wait here”

I was still scared I would get arrested myself. I felt like the only thing protecting me, was the girl was a higher priority for the short staffed station. Also I was incredibly ashamed of my self for even being in that situation I just wanted to get home.

Pointing with my thumb at the younger officer, I said “That shit sobered me up, but have him follow me until I get to the freeway while the female officer is on her way. If I drive like shit, pull me over and he’ll bring me back.”

They looked at each other and gave a simultaneous fuck-it shrug.

The younger officer and I walked outside, we got in our cars and headed towards the freeway. I must have been driving well because as I turned on the onramp the squad car made a U. I cruise controlled the slow lane all the way home.

The next day at work I walked in to my managers office, let’s call him Mike, and said I need to talk to you and let’s call him James(the CEO of the company). Sensing the urgency he rang James immediately and within 5 minutes I had my meeting. I told them what happened and being new to the company and the industry I asked if this is the type of shit that goes on. Is this type of shit what y’all do around here? They promised it wasn’t and the meeting was over and I went back to work less than 9 hours after leaving the police station.

The next day after that, walking by Mike’s office he called me in, He said he talked to the union. The two guys hadn’t showed up for work for two days. They had been arrested. They got em. They were fired as well.


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